Issue 2 Summary by the Editors

The second issue of Aquatic Invasions includes 7 regular research articles and 1 short communication. The majority of articles in this issue deal with invasive species in the Mediterranean Sea, including research articles on three alien molluscs from Iskenderun Bay (SE Turkey) (Çeviker and Albayrak 2006, pp 76-79), alien fish (Bilecenoglu and Kaya 2006, pp 80-83) and records of nine alien species on the Levantine coast of Turkey (Çinar et al. 2006, pp 84-90). The short communication refers to the record of a new alien polychaete in the Eastern Mediterranean (Kambouroglou and Nicolaidou 2006, pp 97-98). Also, an account on the Chinese mitten crab Eriocheir sinensis first reported from the Southern Iraq (Clark et al. 2006, pp 51-54), is included. Results of a biological  survey on benthic communities in the Upper Rhine River indicated 33 alien species, including the first record of the Ponto-Caspian amphipod Chelicorophium robustum in this river (Bernauer and Jansen 2006, pp 55-71). The Asian tunicate Styela clava has been found at three new localities in Ireland during the period 2004 to 2005 (Minchin et al. 2006, pp 91-96). Finally,  Copp et al. (2006, pp 72-75) examined the incidence of non-native fishes in rivers and streams of the UK for the years 1961 to 2000,  using data from the Database and Atlas of Freshwater Fishes of UK. 


First submissions for the third issue have already been received and it is expected that this will be released in fall 2006.


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