Editorial Board


Professor Marnie Campbell (aquatic invasions)
Chevron Harry Butler Chair
Biosecurity & Environmental Science
Harry Butler Institute
Murdoch University

Dr. Catherine Jarnevich (invasions in terrestrial ecosystems)
U.S. Geological Survey
Fort Collins Science Center


Thematic Deputy Editors-in-Chief:

Katherine Dafforn
The University of New South Wales, Australia
(marine and coastal water invasions)

Matthew A. Barnes
Texas Tech University, USA
(inland water invasions)

Calum MacNeil
Independent Consultant, Isle of Man
(inland water invasions)

Sarah Bailey
Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Canada
(ICAIS proceedings)

Amy E. Fowler
George Mason University, USA
(ICMB proceedings)


Associate Editors:

Cathryn Abbott
Pacific Biological Station, Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Stephan G. Bullard
University of Hartford, USA

Mary R. Carman
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA

Alisha Davidson
Wayne State University, USA

P. Joana Dias
Curtin University, Australia

Anna Gazda, University of Agriculture in Krakow, Poland

Sonia Gorgula
Hawaii State Department of Land and Natural Resources, USA

Frank H. Koch
U.S. Forest Service, USA

Justin McDonald
Department of Fisheries Western Australia, Australia

Ana Novoa
Centre for Invasion Biology, Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Richard Piola
Defence Science & Technology Organisation, Australia

Thomas Prowse
The University of Adelaide, Australia

Luís Reino
Research Centre in Biodiversity and Genetic Resources, Portugal

Lindsey Sargent Reisinger
University of Florida, USA

Catherine de Rivera
Portland State University, USA

Pamela J. Schofield
US Geological Survey, USA

Craig Sherman
Deakin University, Australia

Kirsty Smith
Cawthron Institute, New Zealand

Thomas Therriault
Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Canada

Laura N. H. Verbrugge
University of Twente, The Netherlands

Fred Wells
Murdoch University, Australia

David Wong
Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, USA

Amy Yackel Adams
U.S. Geological Survey, Fort Collins Science Center, USA


Advisory Board:

Elias Dana (Founding Editor and Editor-in-Chief during 2010-2012)
Universidad de Almería, Spain

John Mark Hanson
Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Canada

Frances E. Lucy
Institute of Technology Sligo, Ireland

Kit Magellan
The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China

Helen E. Roy
NERC Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, UK


Managing Editor:

Vadim E. Panov
Regional Euro-Asian Biological Invasions Centre (REABIC), Finland


Technical Editors:

Natalia Pulenko
Regional Euro-Asian Biological Invasions Centre (REABIC), Finland

Denis Tumanov
Regional Euro-Asian Biological Invasions Centre (REABIC), Finland


Our Former Editors